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Sanctuary at Denny Park 

Seattle, WA    

800sf renovation of gathering & event space

Various incarnations of Douglas fir color this sanctuary space, as the scarred, old-growth timbers are met with a refined, tight-grained ceiling. At a finer level yet, the veneers of the cabinets & casings are also Doug fir, rounding out the versatility of the local species - a signature of early Pacific Northwest construction. The uplighting specifically allows the golden-red fir tones to reflect back down into the room.

The newly exposed concrete pairs well with the brick & added steel detailing, lending a visual strength to the space. The salvaged organ pipes - artistically arranged by the pastor himself - create the perfect accent to the rugged concrete structure.

This simple, elegant space provides a warm & intimate setting for prayer, readings, receptions, cooking instruction and performances.

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