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Emerald Mile

Seattle, WA

One mile in length of interspersed streetscape interventions


As South Lake Union continues to grow, the need to activate & beautify Westlake - the main commercial avenue of one of the nation's largest live/work neighborhood - is critical for the success of Seattle's development & evolution. Improving the character of the pedestrian & transit corridor that spans from Downtown to Lake Union will benefit local retail businesses, corporate offices, cultural destinations and the growing residential population.

This community-based project enhances the streetscape with plantings, seating areas, ‘streateries,’ cultural signifiers and lighting, all done with a sculptural sensibility that ties the entire route together.

An added element is for each of the ring sculptures to represent one of Seattle's 21 Sister Cities, a program initiated by President Eisenhower to promote global peace through meaningful connections to our brothers & sisters around the world.

The project is guided by the South Lake Union Community Council, and funded partly through the Neighborhood Matching Fund of Seattle.

Selected for the 2018 Seattle Architecture Foundation Model Exhibit

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